Neurobehavioral development in the child: What develops? When? Why? How?

Led by Jane Holmes Bernstein

What do teachers teach? They teach learners. What do learners learn with? The ‘organ of learning’ is the brain. But the brain cannot “do learning” on its own: it needs something to learn with and about, it needs experience. The product of learning is behavior. Both brain and behavior develop over time, getting increasingly sophisticated with experience. The basic neuropsychological principles that guide the acquisition of learning and thinking skills follow from how the brain works; how the principles play out in actual behavior depends on the requirements and expectations of the specific cultural setting. Dr Bernstein will present a model of behavioral development that is based on the dynamic interaction of brain, context and development, a model that is by its very nature culture sensitive. She will consider the implications and applications of this brain-referenced approach - for education in general, for the educational policy maker/administrator, and for the front-line teacher.